6 Module Kinesiology Foundation Course

Location: Edinburgh Training & Conference Venue (5 minutes walk from Waverly Station)

The foundation Kinesiology training is now available to you in Scotland if you want to use Kinesiology for yourself, your family & friends. It is available to everyone, from complete beginners in the field of health to practitioners already in the healthcare industry and would like to add Kinesiology to their toolbox.

On completing the 6 level foundation course and homework, and if you are already qualified in another field of health-care you can add Kinesiology to your current skill set, become insured and charge for your services.

You can also choose to do the Diploma Course with us to further your studies and become a professional Systematic Kinesiologist. As soon as you begin the Diploma course, you will be able to see clients and charge a fee providing you are a member of ASK and have suitable insurance.


29/30 September 2018
6/7 October 2018
27/28 October 2018
10/11 November 2018
1/2 December 2018
15/16 December 2018


Course description

This Kinesiology Foundation gives you a thorough and in-depth bedrock of knowledge and a plethora of techniques.  Kinesiology or Muscle testing is easy to learn and contains techniques that show where stress and imbalance is held in your body. Muscles are like monitors and there is a bio-feedback loop occurs during muscle testing to show where and when imbalance is occurring and when balance is restored. The course is run over 6 weekends with 2-4 weeks between modules, this gives you time to practice what you learn on each module.  The Foundation Course is open to you if you are a member of the public so you can use it on family and friends.  If you already have a professional practice, it will bring extra value to your existing clients and additional tools that you and they will appreciate for the years to come.

Life in the 21st century is stressful even if we are happy in our lives, there is a lot going on around us that weakens our immune system, depletes our energy and cause emotional challenges.  These can lead to postural/physical changes and the inability to digest our foods.  If you could bring more energy and vitality to your clients, friends, family and to yourself, would you choose to do so?

This is Vibrational Energy work.  Step up and let your light shine and achieve your potential.  Just as your fingerprint is unique, so is your energetic vibration and the world needs your unique gifts.  This is your invitation to do just that.

Number of places: 26

Full course outline is available in the downloadable prospectus:

Selection of what you will learn on Foundation Course

Simple accurate muscle testing of 42 muscles and their associated meridian relationships. To balance muscles we use neurolymphatic massage, nutrition, acupressure and holding points.

Other techniques include:

• Emotional Stress Release.
• Basic Food Sensitivity testing and to find vitamin/mineral needs.
• X-Crawl for coordination, left/right brain integration & memory.
• Lazy eights, visual inhibition & ear unfurling to improve creativity, writing,
seeing, hearing
• Diaphragmatic Breathing for more energy.
• Surrogate Testing for helping babies and the elderly
• Basic principles of acupuncture: 12 meridians, Energies & flow.
• Gait energy balancing. Muscle, meridian and organ correlations,
• How to assess and balance the emotions, sounds, colours, smells etc.
• Using stomach 1 for fears and phobias.
• Breast decongestion technique for lumps and tender areas.
• Postural analysis, pain release and control. Balancing ‘in the mode’.
• How to find connections and prioritise imbalances, basic hand modes.
• Testing for dehydration and its relation to backache.
• How to help backache: the jaw to relieve lumbar pain.
• Relieve Muscle Cramps.

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