What can Health School do for you?

Health-School specialises in teaching Kinesiology.  Having been a practicing Kinesiologist and a tutor since 2001, I have seen thousands of clients and many students create incredible changes in their physical and mental health.  When you learn Kinesiology, dramatic changes happen.  I would love to share this journey deeper into Wellness with you…

Create Better Health for You and Your Family.

Learn kinesiology (muscle testing) and the incredible techniques start to create changes in your life from Module 1.  Sharing the information is joyful for me.  I love watching students and how they share what changes occur in their own lives and in the people they share it with.  You can make big changes or little bite-sized changes, whatever is right for you, right now.  Choice is incredible and it makes change more do-able especially when choice from a place of knowledge.

Create your Dream Business.

The courses are where you will get the information on building your dream business.  Training with Rosemary gives you access to a tutor who has also been a successful practitioner in Surrey and still is in Scotland.  Due to the wide variety of ailments she has seen, gives her a broad breadth of knowledge which can be helpful during the course.

You can learn kinesiology to build a part-time or full-time business, depending on your own desires for this course.   These courses are accredited with the Kinesiology Association (formerly the Association of Systematic Kinesiology).  If you are a practitioner you can be insured when you complete the Foundation to use Kinesiology with your clients.  If you are starting on a health career and this is your first therapy qualification then other qualifications like anatomy & physiology are required.

Whilst you are on the student journey Rosemary pays for your membership of the Kinesiology Association as part of your course.

I am sure you understand the importance of this.  The knowledge that the courses are safe, professional and structured is key for you and your clients.

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